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About the ISN

The Ind
ian Storytelling Network was founded in Dec 2011 by Geeta Ramanujam (director of Kathalaya and its Academy of Storytelling in Bangalore); and Eric Miller (director of the World Storytelling Institute and facilitator of the Chennai Storytelling Associaton in Chennai).

The ISN is inspired by the International Storytelling Network (based in Spain), the USA National Storytelling Network, and other Storytelling Organisations around the world. 

The founding of the ISN might mark the coming-of-age in India of the global Storytelling Revival, which began in the late '60s in places such as the USA.

The Indian Storytelling Network builds upon India's myriad splendid ancient Storytelling traditions.


The Indian Storytelling Network is dedicated to facilitating the development of Storytelling in India, with Storytelling being defined primarily as the telling of Stories with one's body and voice -- perhaps with visuals such as costumes, puppets, and props, and perhaps with electronic assistance -- in live performance, that is, in social events in which all participants can give feedback to each other as the event unfolds.


The Indian Storytelling Network's mission includes: 


Letting members of the public know what Storytellers in what locations are available as performers and trainers.


Enabling the Storytellers to network amongst themselves.


Facilitating Festivals and Conferences.


Communicating with other Storytelling Organisations around the World.


Developing ways of using Stories and Storytelling for Education (including as parts of School Curriculums).  The ISN aspires to be a resource for Educators.


Developing ways of using Stories and Storytelling for Therapy (Psychological healing).  It is time for Storytelling Therapy to take its place alongside Drama Therapy, Dance Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Play Therapy.


Developing ways of using Stories and Storytelling for Coaching.


The ISN draws upon many ancient Indian traditions regarding developing ways of using Stories and Storytelling for Education, Therapy, and Coaching.


Conducting research regarding forms of traditional Storytelling in India; documenting these traditions, supporting continuations and modernisations of these traditions, and presenting all of this to the public. 


Exploring ways of telling traditional Indian stories to members of the contemporary Indian public -- in the Vernacular languages, and in English, to help further develop the Creativity, Compassion, Powers of Imagination and Reasoning, and Communication Skills of all concerned.




To Be Listed on an ISN Webpage

The fee for a listing (with bio-data, description of Storytelling-related services offered, etc) is Rs 500 per year. 


For additional details, please e-mail to .




E-mail Groups



is the Indian Storytelling Network's email group.  Registered ISN storytellers are added to this group automatically.  All others are welcome to request to join the group.



To join (Chennai-based) World Storytelling Institute's e-mail announcement group, please e-mail to .



To join (Bangalore-based) Kathalaya's e-mail announcement group, please e-mail to . 



To join Storytell, a global discussion group about storytelling, please click here.





Nationwide Initiatives

Kathalaya's "Story Spaces" --

Kathalaya is setting up resource centers called Story Spaces.  So far, Story Spaces are developing in Mumbai, Mulund (Mumbai), Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Madurai.  Story Spaces could exist in schools, activity centres, or as individual undertakings.  Additional info is here.

For info: 080 2668 9856, .


Storytelling Training via Videoconference --

The World Storytelling Institute offers one-on-one and group training via videoconference (Skype, Google+, Facetime, etc).  Additional info is here.


Two videoconferences recently co-facilitated by Dr Eric (Director, WSI) are,


Videoconference on Storytelling and Healing (6 Jan 2014).  Info about, and a link to a recording of, this videoconference are here.


Videoconference on Dragons and other Monsters (20 March 2014, World Storytelling Day).  Info about, and a link to a recording of, this videoconference are here.




Most of the individuals listed on the ISN website are happy to travel throughout India to perform and/or train.







Please send articles for possible posting here to .



By Eric Miller,


"Child Development, Arts Therapies, Education -- and Storytelling".


"Aspects of the Storytelling Revival in India".


"Role-playing in Storytelling".


"Dance, Movement, Gesture, and Posture in Storytelling".


"Storytelling by and for Adults at a Café Coffee Day!"


"Chennai's Marina Beach Deserves a Living Museum"

(Original unedited version is here.)


"Theories of Story and Storytelling".


"Verbal Play and Language Acquisition".


"Using Storytelling to Encourage Reading".


"Storytelling and Story-listening, and Children's

Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Development".


"The Value of the Multi-Discipline Approach to Research".


"Storytelling Studies, and Subbu Arumugam's Villupattu (Bow Song)"


"Roleplaying in an African Storytelling Event".


"Continuity and Change in Chinese Storytelling".


"The Performance of Epic and the Practice of Lament".


"Turn-Taking and Relevance in Conversation".


"Storytelling in the Age of Videoconferencing"





In the Press

An article about Therapeutic Uses of Storytelling, following Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014 (by Sudha Umashankar, in The Hindu) is here.





Recent Events

Recent World Storytelling Institute events have included:

World Storytelling Day 2015 was celebrated on 20 March 2015 at the University of Madras, in Chennai.  A photo is here. 



Chennai Storytelling Festival 2015,

"Storytelling for Teaching and Training" ( 4-15 Feb 2015). 

Info is here.


Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014,

"Storytelling and Healing" (7-9 Feb 2014). 

Info is here.


Chennai Storytelling Festival 2013,.

Teaching-and-Learning about Storytelling" (1-3 Feb 2013).

Info is here.




Recent Kathalaya events have included:


World Storytelling Day 2015 was celebrated on 21 March 2015 at Kathalaya, in Bangalore.  A write-up about the event, and photos, are here.  The theme this year was "wishes".




Kathalaya events in 2014 included:

The 2014 Schedule of Courses by Kathalaya's Academy of Storytelling is here.

Kathalaya's Sept 2014 events in Bangalore are listed here .

12 Sept 2014, at Success Manthra (in Chennai) --

Storytelling Workshop .


19-21 Sept 2014, at Kathalaya (in Bangalore) --

Intensive Course in Storytelling .


20 Sept 2014, at Kathalaya (in Bangalore) --

Katha Sandhya - An Evening of Stories.



Kathothsava 2014: An International Storytelling Festival.

In Bangalore.  20 November, to 12 December 2014.


Write-up about 1) the Festival Inauguration and Felicitation (20 Nov), and 2) the Kathakahani (free storytelling in 20 spaces across Benguluru) (21-23 Nov).


Felicitation Photo


Team Photo


Kathakahani Storytellers Photo



Kathothsava 2014, Concept Note


Kathothsava 2014, Media Release


Kathothsava 2014, Poster


Kathotsava 2014, Poster for Storytelling Workshop on 28 Nov 2014


Kathotsava 2014, Profile of Festival Director




For additional info:

080 2668 9856





Upcoming Events


World Storytelling Institute presents:

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2016  (Fri 5 - Sun 14 Feb 2016),

"Storytelling and Inter-cultural Communication".  Travel.  Tourism.  Translation.  "Journey" and "Path" as Metaphors. Visiting other lands and worlds.  Discovery and Exploration of the other, and of the self.






Indian Storytelling Network

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