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Storytellers (and other Story Experts):

Rohini Vij

Rohini is a certified as a storyteller by the Academy of Storytelling, Kathalaya, Bangalore; and is a member of the International Storytelling Network.  She has conducted storytelling sessions in schools across India. 


Rohini is a keen orator, actor, and voice-over artist.  She brings to her Storytelling work, experience from diverse fields including Marketing, Corporate Communication, Publishing, Public Relations, Films, Radio, and Education.  She has acted in plays staged at the national level and broadcast on TV.  She has lent her voice to various documentary, corporate, and animated films.


Rohini directs NutSpace, a Storytelling centre in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.  NutSpace was founded in December 2013.  NutSpace is devoted to teaching through storytelling.  Sessions for children typically consist of: 1) the performance of a story by Rohini, followed by 2) discussion about the story and the way it was told, and 3) story-related activities such as acting-out the story as a skit, music-making, body-movement activities, and arts and crafts.  Among the types of stories NutSpace works with are: Science stories, stories for vocabulary and language development, Maths and Social Science stories, and stories for life skills. NutSpace seeks to make learning fun, hands-on, and life-long.


Additional info about Rohini and NutSpace is here.


Contact info:

+91 97932 83333



Ongoing Storytelling Activities in Kanpur --


Programmes offered at NutSpace include:

*  Mums & Bubs Happy Story Hour (12 months - 3 yrs):

Focusses on raising readers, language development, and exploring textures, sounds, colours and more through stories.  Overall development of communication and motor skills through art, craft, and sensory play.

*  Story Time (4 yrs & above):

Focusses on learning through stories, with an emphasis on comprehension, recall, vocabulary building, language development, enhancing confidence, and overall development through art, craft, story-boarding, role-play, voice projection and more.

*  Personality Development through Dramatics & Storytelling (5 yrs & above):

Voice modulation, voice projection, body language, dance drama, dramatising, extempore speaking, role-play, and learning to create, recall, and tell stories.

*  The Art of Storytelling in the Classroom (Educators/librarians): Learning and teaching through stories,.  Making learning and lessons fun and engaging by way of stories.  Voice modulation and projection for educators.  Exercises to overcome inhibitions and to emerge as confident teachers and storytellers.

*  The Art of Business Storytelling (Corporates, team leaders):

Ways to use stories as a powerful business tool to inspire and engage your team members.  Learning the art of storytelling to communicate and connect with various people in relation to one's company.