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Storytellers (and other Story Experts):


Ms Anjali Manoj.

Anjali Manoj is the founder and director of the Read Right Centre (based in Kuravankonam). She has been conducting Storytelling Workshops for children and adults since 2008.  Anjali also conducts classes on Public Speaking.  Her Storytelling and Public Speaking workshops are held throughout the year.  Anjali holds degrees in Literature (UG), and Broadcast Journalism (PG, Asian College of Journalism).

Contact info:

98950 75317



Ms Anjali Rajan.

Anjali Rajan is the founder-director of the Apple Story Club (based in Pangappara, near Kariyavattom).  Anjali is a Trainer and Educator regarding key Life, Communication, and Business Skills such as Storytelling and other forms of Public Speaking.  She has been a Media/Management Professional for over nine years.  She has been a Radio Presenter for six years, and has been the Program Head, for the only Indian Radio Station in Kuwait.  Currently, she is the Operations-in-charge for an organization in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram.

     Apple Story Club was founded in Jan 2015 (an article that appeared soon after the launch is here).  The Club is designed for young people, ages 6 to 15.  Club activities focus on helping Club members to improve their thinking and communication abilities through storytelling and story-listening, reading and writing, and guided discussions.  Club members listen to, tell, and discuss stories from around the world.  They are also assisted to create stories, play games, and improve their general knowledge, moral values, and English Language skills.

     On Sunday 24 May, Apple Story Club is conducting a 2-hour Storytelling Marathon.  The main objective of the Marathon is to help children get over stage fear.  This is the Club's gift for children when they return to school after the summer vacation.

Contact info:

94968 18680