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Storytellers (and other Story Experts)
(in alphabetical order)

1) Ameen Haque.

2) Anagha Prasad.
3) Aparna Athreya.

4) Geeta Ramanujam.

5) Lavanya Prasad.

6) Meenu Sivaramakrishnan.

7) Meera Venkatesan.

8) Parvathy Eswaran.

9) Ramya Iyer.

10) Shreya Biswas.

11) Shylaja Sampath.
12) Swati Kakodkar.

Ongoing Storytelling Activities in Bangalore.


Ameen Haque.  Founder, Storywallahs.

Ameen has led a double life in Advertising and Theater.  A trained actor and storyteller, he has attended an Intensive course in Storytelling and passionately believes in the power of stories to change the world.  He is using the power of stories to bring about a change in Education, to train teachers, work with special children and also train leaders from the world of business in the art of Storytelling.  Drawing upon his experience from theater, work with special children and advertising, his workshops and training programs are ideal for those who want to become better storytellers.  As a performer and storyteller he uses music (harmonica), masks, picture cards and songs to bring alive his characters and stories.  Comfortable with Hindi, English and Gujarati, Ameen also writes and tells original stories in the form of poetry.  When not conducting workshops, he can be found spreading the magic of stories at schools, bookstores or an orphanage. 

Member, Bangalore Storytelling Society.
98455 36114




Anagha Prasad.

Anagha Prasad, an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), has been a professional storyteller and a certified yoga instructor for the past 6.5 years.  She gets children and the "kids at heart" hooked onto her and her stories.  Having worked in the IT industry for 10 years, she shifted her tracks when her life calling came to light.  She has been trained in storytelling by Kathalaya, and has been trained in yoga by A1000 Yoga.  She blends yoga and dance into storytelling in unique ways.


Anagha is a founding contributor of a unique value education startup delivering customized value curriculums to schools across the country [NAME OF ORGANISATION?].  She is also a founding member of Katha Krafters a unique collaboration of storytellers.  Their productions include: 1) “Maanini”, an online performance on women in Krishna’s life with a blend of storytelling and Bharatanatyam; 2) "Bala Leela", Krishna temple stories; and 3) "We the Victory", stories across genres exploring various aspects of victory.  She has curated shows for corporates such as Tanishq, and has also curated a show on Aiyperum Kaapiyangal in Tamizh.  She has been a part of Chennai Storytelling Festival, FEAST, and Bangalore Literature Festival.  She has collaborated with tellers for "Kalaatma", a theatrical storytelling show.


Anagha conducts sessions across the country and for global audiences of various age grounds from preschoolers to senior citizens in various genres of stories.  She also conceptualizes and conducts teacher-training programs and storytelling workshops for schools, individuals, and corporates. 





Aparna Athreya.  Founder, Kid and Parent Foundation.

Aparna is a storyteller and storywriter, and a passionate advocate of Storytelling in education.  She works with schools and the welfare sector where she runs developmental programs using Storytelling.  Her deep involvement with stories has led her to also don the mantel of a performance storyteller, as she enjoys bringing the magic of stories to life for children and adults alike! 

Member, Bangalore Storytelling Society.


99452 25126



Geeta Ramanujam
.  Director, Kathalaya and Academy of Storytelling
Geeta Ramanujam, besides being an internationally renowned storyteller, is an educator, academician and administrator.  She is the Executive Director of Kathalaya Trust, which is the culmination of her vision and wisdom.  Geeta uses storytelling as an effective educational and cultural tool in many leading educational institutions in India and abroad.  She has also established and founded the Academy of Storytelling, the only globally-recognized Academy for Storytelling in the World.  The Academy offers both Certificate and Diploma courses in Storytelling.  Spanning over 34 years in the Educational field, Geeta has introduced Storytelling as a Learning tool in many corners of the world.  She has trained over 67,000 people in the field of storytelling.


Geeta is an Ashoka Fellow.  She has performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, UK, International festival at Brazil, Storywood festival at Sweden, World Tales festival Poland, the International Storytelling Centre USA, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Germany, Norway and at many other festivals.  She is also the Indian Coordinator for the International Storytelling Network (RIC) and the co-founder/coordinator of the Indian Storytelling Network.


A profile of Geeta Ramanujam is here.


For Activies in May and June 2022, please click here.


Articles, video recordings, etc --


In May 2015, Geeta Ramanujam received the "Bangalore at its Best" award for her outsanding service to the city of Bangalore.  Photos and details are here.


Performance in 2017 tales of Geeta



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Kathalaya, #88, BHBCS Layout, 2nd Cross, 3rd Main,

BTM II Stage, Bannerghatta Road,

Bangalore - 560 076




Lavanya Prasad.

Lavanya is a professional storyteller.  She has run her organization, Tale'scope, since March 2014.  As a little girl, she wanted to become a teacher.  She is very grateful to her grandfather, who used stories to make learning interesting.  She found her true calling when she was working as a teacher and began developing ways to use stories to teach.  The possibilities she discovered in this process prompted her to start Tale'scope in 2014.  Tale'scope caters to everyone who believes in the power of stories.  Lavanya's work has taken her to many different places, where she has worked with various kinds of people, including teachers and other educators, corporates, senior citizens, and children (including those who are visually-challenged or otherwise differently-abled).  Tale'scope gives training programs, lecture demonstrations, creative writing workshops, talks, etc.  Lavanya is proud to be working on the "Roots" project with members of a senior citizen's community: this project focuses on helping senior citizens to write their life stories.  She also works with senior citizens on a regular basis conducting "circles" that help them to share their innermost fears, hopes, and other feelings and thoughts.  She considers herself lucky to be able to make her passion her profession.  If you believe in the power of stories just like Lavanya, and you would like her to come to your organization for a training session or a talk, please communicate with her.


98456 80816

Tale'scope's Facebook page

Tale'scope's Youtube channel   

Sound Cloud:  Lavanya's Tales




Meenu Sivaramakrishnan.

Meenu has become a Storyteller because of her passion and love for stories.  She believes stories have the power to enrich as well as entertain.

     An Engineer by qualification, Meenu worked in the IT industry for close to a decade.  After quitting her corporate job, she got an opportunity to interact with many school children through her educational venture.  It was then that she began in earnest to explore the world of stories through writing and telling.

     Seeing the impact of stories and realizing that the children of this generation are definitely missing the magical experience of oral storytelling, she decided to dive deeply into this art.

     She became associated with Bangalore Storytelling Society, which provided her opportunities to tell to large audiences.

     Later, Meenu began her own initiative called “Katha Galatta" – Unleash Ur Joy Thru’ Stories, to revive the love for oral storytelling and rekindle the joy of discovering characters through stories.

     Over the years, she has honed her skills through the various Storytelling Workshops offered by veterans like Jeeva Raghunath, Geeta Ramanujam, and Roger Jenkins.  Meenu is also a member of the Federation of Asian Storytellers (FEAST).  Meenu has performed at storytelling festivals such as Bangalore Storytelling Festival 2018 and 2019, Jharkhand Online Storytelling Festival 2020, and Janatha Curfew Online Festival 2020.

     Meenu leads:  Interactive Story Sessions at Schools in Bangalore.  Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Sessions.  Event Based Sessions.  Holiday Camps.  Story Clubs.

     She tells stories at libraries, cultural spaces, public parks, childrens' carnivals, lake festivals and gated communities.

     Meenu has also associated with NGOs, with whom she uses the mediums of stories and storytelling for social causes.

     Being a classically-trained singer, she tries to incorporate music and movements in her storytelling.

     Meenu also conducts story-related workshops for adults, such as, "Storytelling for Beginners," an introductory workshop for teachers, parents, and other adults who love stories and storytelling and want to take this art to the next level.

     Meenu is one of the storytellers in the podcast, "The Jumping Jelly Beans" (Singapore).

     Meenu's own story podcast is called "KathaPod – Once upon a Story".

     A photo of Meenu is here.





Instagram: kathagalatta.meenu




Meera Venkatesan.

Meera Venkatesan is a professional performance  storyteller, trainer, and learning consultant with a love of words and a deep desire to create meaningful learning.

     Meera is a part of the creative storytelling group Katha Krafters.  She loves to don many hats including storytelling, and writing poetry, scripts, and non-fiction.  She has worked extensively to create story-based curriculums to enhance learning. 

     She started her experiments with storytelling 10 years ago at Kathalaya Academy of storytelling.  Since then her career in storytelling and friendship with stories has grown and matured in many different ways through teaching, training, and performing.

     The services she offers as a storyteller are:

* Training: Storytelling for teachers.

* Story Curriculum: Create a customised story-based curriculum for schools.

* Creative Writing and Public Speaking Workshops: Workshops for children.

* Storytelling Performances: Online and in-person storytelling for schools and events.

* Customised Storytelling Programs: Create a customized storytelling module for corporates and events.

Contact (Group)




Parvathy Eswaran.

Parvathy is a Storyteller by passion and choice.  She believes that stories are all around us in plenty, as free as the air we breathe, and that Storytellers can be a channel to spread these stories.  After 25 years in the corporate sector, today Parvathy is a freelance Storyteller.  She has a deep desire to educate underprivileged cildren through language development and stories.

     In relation to Storytelling, Parvathy is a

1) Performer,

2) Trainer,

3) Curriculum Developer, and

4) Volunteer. 

Full details about her activities in these fields are in her Profile.

     Parvathy offers Storytelling services such as:

1) Various story-based workshops for children and adults.

2) Workshops that train teachers regarding ways they could use Storytelling in their lesson plans.

3) Helping schools to integrate Storytelling in their curriculum.

     Parvathy is a member of a group of Storytellers named, Katha Krafters.

     A photo of Parvathy is here.


99806 88992





Ramya Iyer.

Ramya believes in the strength of a warm, holding. and healing space.  She finds herself working towards bringing people closer to themselves and more connected to each other through story and expression.  She seeks to contribute to help people transform and heal, and live fulfilling lives. She is fascinated by the magic and power that every person's story holds every moment, every day.  And dreams, dreams intrigue her – the ones that meet us when asleep and when awake!

     Ramya's storytelling initiative is called The Bright Lamp Storytells.  Under this initiative, she facilitates the "Healing Hope Heart Story circle", "Bonding over our stories and songs", "Hum Circle", "Story you, story me, story we" (stories for children and families), and "The Light and Joy of Storytelling" (sharing, exploring, learning, and growing through storytelling).

     She has earned an Engineering degree from the University of Mumbai, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada.  She worked in technology and marketing analytics before moving to Bangalore and into the world of stories and storytelling.  She is excited to be discovering life and the world through the lens of beautiful stories about the the inter-connectedness of it all, and she is delighted to share this vision and these stories with those she meets on her journey.  She is a member of Bangalore Storytellers and FEAST (Federation of Asian Story Tellers).

     Ramya is trying to live a fulfilling life (in part through storytelling) -- one breath, one step, one day at a time.

     A photo is here.


88612 43434

Facebook, .

LinkedIn, .

The Bright Lamp Storytells .

Instagram :  ramyaponders .

Ramya’s blog .

Shreya Biswas.  Founder, Katharangam.

Shreya is a trained storyteller, a story lover, and a firm believer in the power of stories.  A graduate in chemistry from Calcutta University, her love for children made her an early childhood educator.  An alumna of Children's Little Theatre, Kolkata, it was a natural transition for her from being a teacher, to being a storyteller and performer.  Shreya has an amazing ability to make an instant connection with children.  She often uses visual art as an aid for storytelling, and her performances are a treat for the senses, as she brings her stories alive with songs, picture cards, glove puppets, and paintings.  Shreya  trains teachers to help integrate stories into education.  She also trains aspiring storytellers, both adult and children.  Shreya spreads the magic of stories through her dream initiative, Katharangam.


99002 34613




Shylaja Sampath.

Besides being a performer since her childhood, Shylaja is an educator, experienced storyteller, theatre artist, and soft skills trainer.  She has acted in several plays, including B Jayashree’s Sadaramé, The First Leaf, and Gumma Banda Gumma.  She has conducted storytelling sessions at Ranga Shankara, Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Hippocampus, Atta Galata, and other venues.  She was invited to tell stories at the prestigious theater festival in memory of CG Krishnaswamy, in an attempt to bring marginalized groups to the mainstream.  Keen on making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, Shylaja has been an active storyteller at Buguri, a community library for the children of waste workers in Banashankari, among several other personal initiatives.  She has collaborated with numerous other storytellers

     Shylaja is a trained public speaker, a Toastmaster, who conducts workshops for professionals in companies such as Seimens, Britannia Industries and others, in various parts of the country.  She also conducts storytelling workshops for educators across public and private schools in an attempt to improve and diversify the methods of teaching. 

     A teacher by profession and an actor by passion, Shylaja uses her skills to engage, entertain, and educate children with her stories.  She also specializes in storytelling for adults with an aim to help provide new perspectives on complex personal issues through meaningful and inspiring tales.  Shylaja tells stories in English and Kannada.

Member, Bangalore Storytelling Society.


99164 45641

Shylaja Sampath's Facebook page is



Swati Kakodkar. 

Swati is the Founder and Director of Story ki Bory, a structured story-time program conducted in an informal, spontaneous and interactive manner.  Story ki Bory is designed to inspire children to cultivate and strengthen their likings for stories and books, spark imaginations, improve language skills, and build confidence.

     Story ki Bory, literally meaning "a sackful of stories", offers an environment that easily allows children to shed their inhibitions, and provides a platform where they can showcase their talents.

     An MBA by education, Swati has worked in the areas of Brand Building and Corporate Communication.

     A certified storyteller, she is currently pursuing her Diploma in Storytelling with Kathalaya.

     Swati likes to define herself as enthusiastic, approachable and organized, and as a creative dreamer.  Two mottos she is inspired by are:

"Be the change you want to see in the world".

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!"


98860 48516






Storytelling Activities

(May 2022 onward)




Kathlaya's vision is to establish Storytelling as an effective tool in all spheres of Education.


May and June 2022

Editions of the

Beginner's Course in Storytelling for Grownups,

(Course Facilitator: Geeta Ramanujam),

Offline and Online.  Info is here.


A profile of Geeta Ramanujam, the Director of Kathalaya, is here.



+91 8277389840

+91 9845207073

Kathalaya, #88, BHBCS Layout, 2nd Cross, 3rd Main,

BTM II Stage, Bannerghatta Road,

Bangalore - 560 076





Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS).

The Bangalore Storytelling Society seeks to promote, revive, and popularize various traditional and contemporary storytelling forms across numerous languages.


Many of the leaders of the Bangalore Storytelling Society have received training in Storytelling from Kathalaya, and would like to express appreciation for this training. 


There is a monthly BSS Meet-Up, showcasing amateur and professional Storytellers.  Please register to attend, and possibly to tell a story, on the BSS Meet-Up page.


Contact info:

BSS Blog

BSS Facebook page

BSS Meet-Up page





Ever After.

Ever After offers Storytelling Classes for people of all ages.


Contact info:

99166 41717