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Lipika Mohanty



Lipika Mohanty.

Lipika Mohanty is an Educator and Storyteller.She has worked as an Educator and Communication Skills trainer for around twenty years.

†††† Lipika has earned a Masters degree in Psychology with specialisations in Educational and Developmental Psychology, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education.Lipika also has diplomas in 1) Fashion Design, 2) Public Health and Global Environmental Changes, and 3) Storytelling for Social Change.She has certificates in 1) Food and Nutrition, and 2) TESOL and IELTS (English Language Test for Study).Lipika believes that learning is a never-ending process and that is why she has so many certificates and diplomas to her credit.

†††† Lipika's storytelling journey began in the late nineties, when she was training students in public speaking. She told them stories and asked them to tell stories, and she corrected their errors and motivated them to speak confidently.Later, as a teacher and resource for content in school, she incorporated storytelling into the curriculum as as a pedagogical tool.As a school supervisor, she has trained the teachers in storytelling, including in making storytelling props and huge storytelling sets.

†††† Lipika tells stories in three languages: English, Hindi, and Odia.She tells stories from her culture and from different parts of the world, personal-experience stories, myths, legends, historical stories, biographies, and stories that she creates.

†††† She holds storytelling workshops in teacher-training colleges, and tells stories in schools (both government and private) and libraries, and with NGOs.

†††† She has also told stories all across the globe in many international storytelling swaps, and in storytelling festivals in India and abroad (in-person and online).

†††† Lipika has sharpened her storytelling skills by attending storytelling workshops of famous storytellers, watching experienced storytellersí performances, and observing the nuances of daily life.

†††† A photo is here.

†††† Her Youtube channel is here.

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