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Hemant Sharma.

Hemant is a Professional Storyteller, and founder of Mojo of Small Things.  He is a business school teacher during the day and a Storyteller all day round. 

     He told his first original story when he was 7 -- "Tiger in My School" (about how he punched the animal in the face and saved his class from being eaten by the beast).  His only audience for this story was his Mother.  He refined his art under the guidance of his Grandfather who was a master Storyteller and an accomplished Urdu Poet.

     Hemant collects, crafts, and shares Stories of Tenacity, Purpose, Meaning, and Passion; Stories of making a comeback; and Stories of losing oneself so as to meet oneself again.  Most of his stories are originals and they come from observations, nostalgia, and also from folklore across the world.  He shares stories in Hindi, English, and Hinglish -- around a bonfire under the stars, during treks, and on stage.  His stories are especially crafted for corporate teams and other groups of adults.


Hemant offers Story-based Training Programs such as:

1) "We are the stories we tell ourselves".

2) "Unleash the Power of Storytelling I -

Five stories your company needs to tell".

3) "Unleash the Power of Storytelling II -

Making stories work for your organizational culture".


Member:  Folks & Tales, Chandigarh.


Contact info --

Phone Number:  +91 80543 78976

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