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Storytellers (and other Story Experts)
(in alphabetical order)


1) Jaya Singh.

2) Katha Pankaj Tara.

3) Lokesh Gulyani.


Jaya Singh.

Jaya is a lawyer by profession and has specialised in women’s rights and child rights.  She has also been a news anchor and show host for TV99, and a part of the Pune Theatre Academy.

       Jaya has been working with school children since she was in school herself, as her family runs a chain of schools.  Passionate about education, theatre, public speaking, storytelling and creative writing, she gave up law to pursue her passion.  She has conducted theatre and storytelling workshops in various schools in Jaipur over a period of ten years.  Her academy, Blaze Academy, conducts theatre and storytelling sessions for kids and workshops for parents and teachers on communication skills, storytelling and public speaking. 

       Along with her team members, Jaya started organising the event, Katha Karnival, in Jaipur and Prayag Raj.  Katha Karnival is a literature festival for children, parents and teachers.  Apart from Jaya and her team, storytellers from different parts of India are invited to participate in the event. 

       Jaya's forte is performance storytelling, as she loves bringing stories to life.  Jaya also conducts workshops for parents and teachers on communication skills, the importance of storytelling, and ways of telling stories.

       A photo is here.

Contact info:

99298 77767

Katha Karnival on Facebook.

Blaze Academy on Facebook.

Instagram: blazeacademyofperformingarts




Katha Pankaj Tara, also known as KathaTeller.

Katha has had a decade-long career in building brands.  Her forte in this field is branding and marketing.  She is a post graduate in Marketing Management from IIMM - Pune. 

       For some years, Katha was Home Appliances Marketing Head for LG Electronics in India.  In this position, she drove the LG Home Appliances category to become one of the most trusted and admired premium brands in India.

       Currently Katha is the Brand Head of GirnarSoft, the parent company of leading auto-related brands such as and . 

       A parallel journey as a Kathak Classical Dancer has cultivated in Katha a deep belief in the power of narrating stories to change the world.

       Katha has received training in Storytelling from Kathalaya, which is affiliated to the International Storytelling Centre, Tennessee, USA.  She is the Centre Head of Story Space Jaipur (the Jaipur branch of Kathalaya's Storytelling Institute).  Katha tells stories under the name, KathaTeller.  She enjoys telling stories to all kinds of audiences.

Contact info:

98107 96066




Lokesh Gulyani.


अगर आपकी तलाश आपको किसी कहानी कहने वाले तक लेकर आयी है तो आपका सोचना ग़लत है कहानियों को कहने के लिये किसी ज़ुबान के सहारे की ज़रुरत नहीं है वे तो हमेशा ख़ुद ही ख़ुद को कहती आयी है ये तो उन ज़ुबानों का दर्द है जो कहानी का बहाना लेती हैं अपना दर्द बताने के लिए यदि आपको फिर भी मेरी बात पर यक़ीन नहीं है तो आइये फिर मिलते हैं कभी मैं यक़ीन के साथ कह सकता हूँ कि मुझे सुनकर आपको दर्द होगा और आप भी मजबूर हो उठेंगे अपनी कहानी कहने को


जो मैं हूँ बस वही मैं नहीं हूँ मैं किताबों में बंद हूँ, amazon और flipkart सोचते हैं वो मुझे बेच रहे है मुझे कभी-कभी हंसी आती है ये सोच कर मुझसे भी कोई फायदा उठा सकता है क्या? आजतक ख़ुद का कोई फ़ायदा मुझसे तो उठाया नहीं गया


ख़ैर बंदे को लोकेश गुलयानी कहते हैं पाँच किताबों में अपना दर्द भरने का गुनाह कर चुका हूँ पेशे से सलाहकार हूँ शब्दों, जज़्बातों से खेल कर जब उकता जाता हूँ तो सोचने लग जाता हूँ फिर कोई नयी कहानी ख़ुद को पहले से गहरा ज़ख्म देने के लिये


बुला कर मुझे सुनने का ख़तरा उठाना चाहते हैं तो नीचे दिये नंबर और ईमेल पर संपर्क करें




If you're here for good stories then you could be wrong. Stories doesn't require any storyteller to retell them. They are capable enough to express themselves. It is the pain of the storyteller, who needs help of a story to vent it out. If you don't believe then let's meet someday, I am sure once you'll hear me out then you'll be compelled to tell your story too.


What I am, is exactly, what I am not. Amazon and Flipkart! they think they are selling my stories and making profit out of it. Sometimes I wonder and laugh that how can anyone can make profit out of me, when I myself ain't capable to do so?


For your information, I am Lokesh Gulyani. Author of 05 Hindi-Fiction and Poetry books. By profession, I am a consultant. I live in Jaipur on weekends and I work in Bhopal on weekdays. Whenever I feel like bored by playing with words,  I start to think of a new story to wound myself with greater pain.


Services Offered - Story & Poetry performer, Spoken Words, Creative Writing Workshops, open for writing assignments and collaborations.

Age Group - 15+ (for all services)


If you wish to take this risk and would like to listen to my stories then you may contact on the numbers given below.


Name - Lokesh Gulyani

Cities -   Jaipur and Bhopal

Mobile and Whatsapp - 98280 66335

Email -

Facebook -

Instagram - Lokesh.Gulyani

amazon -