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(in alphabetical order)


1) S.W. Alvin.

2) Ambujavalli N. (Ambuja).

3) Annapoorani Barani.

4) H. Banumathy (Banu).
5) Daniel Joseph.

6) Debjani Bhaduri.

7) Divya Anand.
8) Eric Miller.

9) Geetha Kailasam.

10) Geethanjali Javed.

11) Indu Divya.

12) E. Kalyan Babu.

13) Kanagadurga Ramesh (Kanaga).
14) Kanupriya Keyal.

15) Kavitha Thyagarajan.

16) Lalitha Thilak.
17) Lavanya Srinivas.

18) Manjula Karthikeyan.

19) K. Mashuda Muthi.

20) Mohan Krishnan.

21) Mubeen Irshad.

22) Nazrin M.

23) Mee. Pandiarajan.

24) Periya Nayaki.

25) Pooja Giri.

26) Pretigaya Haran.

27) Priti Sudarsan.

28) Priya Balasubramanian.

29) Priya Palanikumar.

30) Radha Balaraman.

31) Ramya Arivazhagan.

32) Renu Meera.

33) Renu Narayan.

34) Sabapathy Narayanan (Saba).

35) Sandhya Ruban.

36) K. Shanmugasundaram (Shan).
37) Shital Rayathatha.

38) Shyama Sridharan.

39) Sivakumar Davamani (SKD).

40) Sreelekha Ramachandran.

41) Sridevi Srinivasan.

42) Srividya Veeraraghavan.

43) Sudha Umashanker.

44) Suriya Lakshmi.

45) Uma Jairam.

46) Vasugi Ram Manohar.

47) K.R. Vidhyaa.

48) Vithya Dhanaraj.

49) Zarin M.


S.W. Alvin.

Alvin is a Storyteller and Creativity Trainer.  He seeks to deliver Peace, Joy, and Goodness through stories, and also to help individuals discover the knowledge of their true selves, and identify their inborn potentials.   

     Alvin's Storytelling and Training Company is Regina Pacis - Zone of Confidence.  Regina Pacis trains Teachers regarding Storytelling, Communication, and Personality Development.  Alvin also teaches Spoken English classes for students and professionals.

     Alvin has developed a 2-week Personality Development module called "LIKES" (Life Inspiring Knowledge Enriching Stories) for people of the age group 12 to 17 years.  If you might be interested to have this module in your institution, please contact Alvin.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info
95517 62399




Ambujavalli N. (Ambuja).

Ambujavalli -- an IT professional turned storyteller-trainer and public speaker -- strongly believes that good stories spread healthy happiness.  She is known for the performance elements that she weaves into her stories.  She is comfortably bilingual (English and Thamizh).  Audiences love her energy, humor, and more importantly, her spontaneity.

     A few feathers in her cap are:

  Interviewed by the Indian national TV channel, Podhigai DD.

  Featured by the TV channels: Podhigai TV, Kalaingnar TV, and Makkal TV.

  Featured by All India Radio, and Bengaluru community radio.

  Workshop Leader (Mudras and Rhythms), FEAST International Conference 2019.

  One of the authors of FEAST's 2019 Anthology, "Royals, Wise and Otherwise".

  Storyteller at International Festivals such as: Under the Aalamaram 2018; and Chennai Storytelling Festival 2021.

  Workshop Leader, Chennai Storytelling Festival 2017-20.

  Part of the Tamil Nadu Government Education Department's "Story Corner" project.

  Curator of a Spiritual series that combines slokas and stories of Hindu deities: "All in All Aadhyantha", "Spectacular Shiva", and "Versatile Vishnu" to name a few

     Member: Indian Storytelling Network (ISN); Chennai Story Tellers (CS); Federation of Asian Story Tellers (FEAST); and Springboard Tales (SB).

Contact info

Facebook: .

You Tube:

(Over 1000 subscribers).

99625 27135




Annapoorani Barani.

Annapoorani is a storyteller, a theatre artist with Veshadharis, a carnatic singer, a writer on holistic growth for Life Positive and The Teenager Today, and a sales and marketing manager.

     She has pursued theatre, music, yoga, and writing in numerous capacities and believes these activities have helped to mould her into the multifaceted professional she is today.  She loves to blend her knowledge of music, yoga, and fitness into her storytelling, and she believes this blending has a powerful impact on her audience members.

     An ardent reader of books of all genres and a lover of mythology, one can often find Annapoorani engrossed in watching movies or reading stories pertaining to mythology and other tales of various cultures.  Her love for stories is coupled with a penchant for exploring the hidden facets and lessons in stories.

     Annapoorani is fluent in Tamil and English.  Her story repertoire includes: Mythology (Hindu and other), Animal Fables (Aesops' fables, Panchatantra stories, etc), and adaptations of classic tales.  As a storyteller and storytelling workshop leader, Annapoorani can customise sessions for all age groups.

     A video recording of Annapoorani telling an original fictional story is here.

Contact info

97910 54616




H. Banumathy (Banu)

Banumathy is the Founder-Director of Fables n Tales.  She believes that stories can entertain and educate. 

     As part of the Government of Tamil Nadu's "Children's Program", Banu has shared stories in Public Libraries across Chennai.  She is also a member of the Government of Tamil Nadu's "Story Corner" project.

     Banu has told stories and conducted workshops in Storytelling Festivals and schools across Tamil Nadu.  She has performed for Regional and International Radio Channels, for DD National Television, and with International Storytelling Guilds.

     When Banu tells stories, she uses her theatrical expertise to transport listeners to different worlds.  Listeners make the story their own by relating themselves to the characters.  

     Banu believes that by telling and/or listening to a hero’s / heroine's story journey, and by deciphering the metaphors of a story, one can enhance one's problem-solving skills, further develop moral values and creative imagination, improve vocabulary, and even experience healing.


Storytelling-related Services Offered (online):


* Regular Saturday storytelling sessions for children aged 4-9.


* Interactive storytelling sessions using puppets for all occasions.


* Customised intensive workshop, "Introduction to Storytelling and Its Elements", for all age groups.


* Workshop on making and using puppets.


* Workshop for parents on reading and telling stories to their children.


Contact info

80560 50606




Instagram: fablesntales


Daniel Joseph.

Daniel uses Storytelling to teach English language.  He is a certified TESOL instructor.  Together with his wife, Christina Joseph, he directs Virginia Language Training (VLT), which is based in Pallavaram (just south of Chennai airport).

     VLT, formerly known as VATD (Virginia Academy of Training and Development), provides English Language training to a number of schools, including Shikshaa Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, in Hasthinapuram (near Chromepet), St. Stephen's and St. Sebastain's in Pallavaram, CSI Bains School in Kodingaiyur, CSI Ewarts Annanagar, and more schools all over Tamilnadu.

     VLT has conducted English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for over 50,000 students, using innovative and creative fun-filled activities such as Storytelling, Theatre, Mime, Puppetry, and Arts and Crafts, to help children develop their language abilities.  Two excellent Storytelling and Language trainers -- Maria Lincoln and Sabatina Cornielle -- contribute to the strength of the VLT team.  Recently we have added even more Storytellers to our team. 

     Virginia Language Training is now conducting Online Classes for children all over the world, providing programs in Storytelling to Learn English, Moral Values, Good Behaviour, and about Different Cultures for young people in India, USA, Canada, and Brazil.

Contact info

88258 79393, 99406 13580

Pallavaram, Chennai - 43

Facebook, Virginia Language Training




Debjani Bhaduri.

Debjani enjoys telling stories, and also giving instruction in Storytelling, to people of all ages.  She brings a lot of humor and fun to her Storytelling work.

     Debjani is a post-graduate in English literature.  She has taught in a college in Bangalore; and in Bala Vidya Mandir, Gandhinagar, Chennai.  Currently she is conducting phonics classes for children in Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmiyur.  She also teaches communication skills and story-theatre classes for teenagers and adults in Adyar and Thiruvanmiyur.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

98402 76914

Facebook, Debjani Bhaduri




Divya Anand.

Divya finds great passion in her craft as a storyteller for young children.  She has been in the IT industry for a while, along side which she has also been doing voice overs for promos, corporate videos, documentaries, and the like. So the power of voice and expressive speech found a natural meandering into the world of storytelling, which one can apply to entertain as well as to educate.  Voice, action, fun, and more give flight to the characters and bring the story alive.  Her stories entertain, and in the process also cultivate the need and sense to be grounded with healthy beliefs and value systems for oneself.

     A photo of Divya is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

98404 26260

Divya's website is here.



Dr Eric Miller (PhD in Folklore, MSc in Psychology). 


The schedule of Chennai Storytelling Festival 2022 is here !


Dr Eric is a Scholar, Storyteller, Story Writer, Trainer (regarding Storytelling and Storytelling Therapy), and Life Coach.  He is a native New Yorker, settled in Chennai. 


Dr Eric co-founded and directs the World Storytelling Institute, the Chennai Storytelling Festival (now approaching its 10th annual edition, in Feb 2022) and the Storytelling Therapy Association of India. 


He a co-facilitator of the Indian Storytelling Network and the  Chennai Storytelling Association.


He is the Assistant Director of the East West Center for Counselling and Training, and the Indian Institute of Psychodrama.


Four trainings Dr Eric offers are:



"Storytelling Workshop" (for adults) -- 10 group-sessions. Info is here.



"Professional Storyteller" training and certification (for Storytelling Workshop graduates) -- 4 one-on-one sessions. Info is here.



"Storytelling Therapy: Using Stories and Storytelling for Life Coaching and Psychological Counselling" training -- 8 one-on-one sessions.  Trainees apply the Storytelling Therapy method to themselves in order to learn how to apply it to others.  Reviews of this training are here and here. No requirements. Additional training info is here.



"Storytelling and Psychodrama" group workshop.

With co-trainer Ms Magdalene Jeyarathnam (TED Talk).  One of our past workshops is described here.


All of the above is occurring primarily via Zoom. One-on-one sessions could also occur in Dr Eric's office just off Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai.


Dr Eric also helps to provide Storytellers for any occasion (in Tamil, English, and other languages). 


Links to 91 newspaper, etc, articles mentioning Dr Eric's work are here.


Links to 83 of Dr Eric's writings are here.


Regarding Videoconferencing:


Dr Eric has been working with Storytelling and Videoconferencing since the early 1990s (almost 30 years ago).


Links to 19 Storytelling-related Videoconferences he has co-facilitated are here.


In 2017, Eric guest-edited "Ways Storytellers are Using Audio- and Videoconferencing for Training, Discussion, and Performance" -- a 12-page section of the USA National Storytelling Network's Storytelling Magazine.


Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info
98403 94282


Geetha Kailasam.

Geetha is a Storyteller and Writer.  She conducts Storytelling and Theatre classes for children and adults, especially in Besant Nagar.

     Geetha is is also a Certified Accountant by qualification, and passionately teaches Accounts and Commerce to students in the 11th and 12th Standards.

Contact info

99529 57031




Geethanjali Javed.

Geethanjali directs the Spotlight Academy, through which she trains children in soft skills using storytelling as one of the tools.  She conducts summer camps for children in the Academy. 

     For many years, Geethanjali was a teacher.  She has a PG in English Literature.  She has studied storytelling with Eric Miller (director, World Storytelling Institute) in Chennai, and with Sherin Mathews in Mumbai.

     Geethanjali also trains teachers, regarding ways to use storytelling to enhance children's English-language speaking skills.  She tells stories in schools, libraries, NGOs, and social gatherings.  She tries to inspire people by telling personal stories which they could relate to regardless of religion, language, ethnicity, etc.

     A person who always believes in countries without borders, Geethanjali considers herself as an ambassador of peace.

     A photo of Geethanjali is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

73583 25036




Indu Divya.

Indu is a professional storyteller, trainer and content developer.  She believes deeply in the magic of storytelling as a medium to engage with people.  Personal-experience storytelling is the type of storytelling she most enjoys and considers her forte.  She has trained under Jeeva Raghunath.  Indu has conducted storytelling workshops and has staged public performances for children.

     Indu is now focusing on engaging with adult audiences through her storytelling.  She has recently founded The Narrative, a company providing training/coaching and content development services.  Storytelling is at the core of all the services offered by The Narrative: 

     In addition to regular workshops, The Narrative organises Live Themed Personal Storytelling Sessions for mature audiences, once a month. 

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

98407 12328

Facebook, The Narrative




E. Kalyan Babu (a.k.a., Uncle Kay).

A senior management professional and newly minted theatre coach, Kalyan’s love for theatre brought him into the world of storytelling.  A voracious reader of books of all genres since his childhood, over the years Kalyan has assembled a personal library of over 1,200 titles and counting.

     Kalyan is the Creative Director of ReaderzForge, an after-school book reading and theatre program.  ReaderzForge came into existence as a direct result of the ongoing pandemic.  Having dabbled in theatre during his younger days, Kalyan always dreamed of going back to his theatre roots in some way but, as is usual, there were always other ‘urgent’ priorities on the top of the list.  But as COVID-19 wreaked havoc and India went into a long lockdown in March 2020, Kalyan began reading Harry Potter books for the kids at Narthanam to ease their boredom and the experience was so fulfilling that it led to the launch of ReaderzForge in July 2020.

     ReaderzForge offers a variety of reading and theatre activities for children in the 5-16 years age group with focus on building greater English communication skills, enabling creativity, team building and improving their Emotional Quotient (EQ).  As part of the offerings, Kalyan conducts a weekly storytelling session for kids – Kathas by Uncle Kay (K-bUK). He incorporates elements of theatre in storytelling and is known for using voices and acting to dramatic effect.

     Kalyan is a Postgraduate in Management and spent 11 years climbing the rungs of the KPO industry before retiring from the corporate world as Senior Vice President - Global Delivery.  He has spent the last 10 years working as a Management Consultant.  In addition to his professional commitments, Kalyan helps manage the various activities of Narthanam Chennai, a Bharatanatyam dance school.  Narthanam Chennai and ReaderzForge are part of Narthanam School of Performing Arts (Madipakkam, Chennai) which he runs along with his wife Gayathri, a Finance / IT professional and a Bharatanatyam dancer.

     A photo of Kalyan is here.

Contact info

Phone / Whatsapp: +91 93822 09157




Kanagadurga Ramesh (Kanaga).

Kanaga is the founder-director of the Storytelling organisation, Alabanza.  She is a teacher by profession, and has worked with children in the classroom for many years.  She is a certified trainer of Montessori kindergarten teachers. 

     She is also a language instructor, regarding the Spanish language especially.  She has attended an English Language Course at the British Council, and has passed the "Test of English as a Foreign Language Exam" (TOEFL).

     Kanaga is an experienced storyteller and mono-dramatist.  She is an enthusiastic, creative, and imaginative person, and is well able to use her acting skills to express feelings.  She has attended a "Seven-session Storytelling Workshop" and a "Workshop on Storytelling for Personality Development" at the World Storytelling Institute.

     Kanaga can combine, in customised workshops, instruction / training in languages and other subjects (including storytelling and mono-drama) -- for children, teens, and adults.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

99625 72169



Kanupriya Keyal 
Kanupriya is a Storyteller, and trains others to be Storytellers also.  She specialises in Storytelling with Puppetry and other Arts and Crafts.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.
Contact info
98404 17080




Kavitha Thyagarajan.

Kavitha is a storyteller and founder of Once Upon a Time ... Tells a Tale.  She enjoys telling interactive stories to young children between the ages of 3 and 10 years.  She has given storytelling performances in many activity centres, such as Chennai Hippocampus, Oyster Kids, and Kart Wheel; at Odyssey book store; and for some leading schools.  She includes art and craft work in her sessions.

     Kavitha conducts regular storytelling sessions at her space in RA Puram - Kavitha's Storytelling Space !

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

99400 36390.

Facebook, Once Upon a Time ... Tells a Tale




Lalitha Thilak.

Lalitha believes stories are the most effective medium to pass on an idea or thought; and that a storyteller is a vital bridge between the story and the listener, and has to ensure that the essence of the story reaches the audience.

     Lalitha's first experience of storytelling occurred when she was telling bedtime stories to her two little girls.  She realised how much they enjoyed this experience.  Today as teenagers they fondly recollect the stories.  And like Lalitha, they are avid readers.

     Listening to stories helps children to think, learn, and grow.  Through her storytelling, Lalitha seeks to create lasting impressions on children, kindling their imaginations and encouraging their curiosities.

     This is the vision of her storytelling venture, "Speak Through Stories".  Through this program, she conducts storytelling sessions on weekends with children in two age-groups: 5-7-year-olds and 8-12-year-olds.  These sessions are interactive.  The children have ample opportunities to express their own perspectives.

     Before the pandemic, Lalitha also conducted storytelling sessions for 9th and 10th standard girls in a government school.  These sessions mostly involved stories related to life skils, and occurred in a combination of Tamil and English. 

     Lalitha's goal is to continue to entertain, enrich, and create a positive impact though her storytelling.

     A photo is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

91766 82108

The Speak Through Stories program.


Lavanya Srinivas.

Lavanya is a Storyteller, Trainer, Author, and Translator.  She is the founder-director of Katha Kamamishu, A World of Stories.  As a Soft-skills Trainer, Lavanya is certified by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.  She conducts Activity-based Storytelling Workshops for children and adults, in Classrooms, Colleges, and Corporate settings.  She uses Storytelling as a powerful tool for Effective Communication, Ensuring Employability, and Enriching Human Lives; for Enabling Personal Success, Self Confidence, and Self Expression; for Language Learning and Cross-cultural Trainings; and for helping people to develop Creativity in general, as well as in fields such as Music, Dance, Literature, and Advertising and Branding.  Her Storytelling Workshops are educational, enriching, entertaining, and empowering.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

98844 72301

Additional info about Katha Kamamishu is here.




Manjula Karthikeyan.

Manjula is a Software Developer turned Storyteller.  She enjoys telling stories to children.  She is inspired by the various storytelling sessions she has attended in the USA.  She includes singing, puppetry, and arts and crafts, along with storytelling.  Manjula focuses on improving the morals, speech, communication, and social skills of children via storytelling.  She is a graduate of a seven-session storytelling workshop for adults conducted by Eric Miller, Director, World Storytelling Institute.

Contact info

97907 27987




K. Mashuda Muthi.

Mashuda is the director of The Meticulous Master.  She aims at using Storytelling to water the garden of young minds.  Mashuda's areas of expertise include,

1) Storytelling for Children (aged 3-15 years): Fun and Learning.

2) Specialized Storytelling Workshops for Children.

     a) Teaching Language Skills.

     b) Overcoming Stage Fear.

     c) Public Speaking.

     d) Teaching Manners and Etiquette.

3) Teacher Training: Using Storytelling for,

     a) Teaching Various Academic Subjects.

     b) Teaching Communication Skills.

4) Preparing Modules for the above-mentioned Workshops, or as per requirement.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

98401 12193.  86108 39508.

Facebook, The Meticulous Master  




Mohan Krishnan ( @Mohan Kabir ).

Mohan is a Storyteller, Happiness Coach, and Wellness Curator.  He is an accomplished Human Resource trainer.  Mohan uses storytelling techniques to train people in soft skills and communication regarding products and services, especially in software and financial services companies.  He also utilises storytelling techniques for coaching and mentoring.  Using storytelling techniques for recruitment and for performance appraisals are innovative concepts he has introduced.

     Mohan conducts regular storytelling sessions, drawing from Indian epics, folklore, and history to inculcate values, motivation, and inspiration.  He is an exponent of the 15th Century Saint Poet Kabir Das and uses Kabir’s couplets (doha) for conveying life lessons

     Mohan conducts storytelling workshops for teachers, Human Resource professionals, parents, grandparents, and young adults.  He is fluent in four languages (Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, and English).  He often includes singing in storytelling.  Taboo tales, and immersive and experiential storytelling are two of his innovative and creative storytelling techniques.  His performances, talks, and workshops synergise elements of enterTRAINment (teaching-and-learning through entertainment).

     In a previous avatar he was a senior executive with the Reserve Bank of India and has an impressive record of service.

     Mohan directs the Madras Tale Spinners, a team of accomplished storytellers.

Contact Info

98403 22236










Mubeen Irshad.

Mubeen is a very passionate Storyteller.  She has told stories at “Storython 2016” (an 8-hour storytelling event), Anna Library, Accenture, and at various other events.  She regularly conducts storytelling performance-and-training sessions for children at Swarna Sudarshan Hall, in Kovilambakkam, Chennai.  She also conducted these sessions at other locations. In 2016, she gave storytelling training to approximately 500 children.  

     Mubeen releases free audio stories through Whats App every week through her own brand, Story Carpet.  She has penned positive rhymes for children: these rhymes have been heard more than 400k times on YouTube within a span of 6 months.  She has also penned 30 Rebus stories for children which are also on YouTube.  She has published a number of articles in an International acclaimed Magazine.

     She underwent storytelling training in the World Storytelling Institute with Dr Eric Miller.  She is a blogger, public speaker, Emcee, and an ardent Toastmaster.  She is also a health geek: you can find her in the yoga studio every day.

     Mubeen’s primary mission is to infuse positive ripples in the minds of young children through stories.  She offers customised classes on Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Storytelling, for Schools, Colleges, and Corporates.   

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

SMS/Call/Whats app:  96770 70837



Facebook, Story Carpet 




Nazrin M.

Nazrin, a B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) graduate, is a dynamic and enthusiastic person.  She is certified as a "Professional Storyteller" by the World Storytelling Institute (based in Chennai).  She is also a motivational speaker, has undergone various other Storytelling Workshops, and holds a diploma in Fine Arts.

     Nazrin has a strong belief that Storytelling could help one to become increasingly self-motivated, independent, and able to achieve one’s goals.  She believes Storytelling could help everyone, irrespective of age, 

1) To follow one’s own passion, irrespective of hurdles one might come across.

2) To become more confident.

3) To boost one’s morale.

4) To feel, and connect with, a common humanity.

     Nazrin customizes sessions of Storytelling, Storytelling-related activities, and Coaching in Storytelling, according to the age group and occasion. 

Contact info

98844 17134




Mee. Pandiarajan.

Pandiarajan (MBA, CFA) has worked in the banking and IT industries for many years.

     Pandiarajan took to storytelling in 2011, in both Tamil and English.  He has received training from the World Storytelling Institute in Chennai, and has studied with Laura Simms in New York City and Chennai.  He is also an orator, and was an actor in his school days.

     Since 2011, he has been conducting storytelling training for children and adults.  He has worked with charitable organizations such as Udhavum Ullangal P Charitable Trust.  He visits Angan-wadis (Creches), Hospitals, Homes for Children, Schools, etc, to tell stories and to conduct storytelling events.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

99401 08716




Periya Nayaki.

Periya Nayaki is a Transpersonal Storyteller, Trainer, and Psychologist.  She believes all that is needed for people to live to their complete potential is within them, right here and right now!

     Periya Nayaki uses stories as a tool to create loving environments with respective personal spaces where the individuals (be they children, youth, or adults) are allowed to explore their higher selves and manifest greater possibilities.  She uses metaphors, mythology, folklore, movies, day-to-day events, and personal experiences for stories.

     Periya Nayaki conducts customized workshops and trainings based on individual requirements in personal settings, and in the virtual space as well.  She has worked with many students, teachers, and parents over the years and has learned one sure thing: If love cannot nothing else can and sometimes silence is the best untold story!

Contact info

99652 23119




Pooja Giri.

Pooja combines passion for storytelling, with creativity and entertainment.  She engages audience attention with participative narratives, and often intersperses her presentations with interesting activities that enhance listener involvement.  Pooja has a rich repertoire of tales and fables from ancient lands of oral tradition such as Africa, China, India, Turkey, Indonesia, and Ukraine.  She also composes, and writes and tells her own stories.

     Pooja has performed in schools, at book stores and birthday parties, and for informal groups.  She is the founder-director of Thangam Talkies. She conducts regular programmes at The Storytelling Studio, R A Puram, Chennai.

     Pooja conductied a Storytelling Session for Children on Saturday 6 June 2015 at Starmark in Phoenix Mall (Velachery).  The event poster is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

97910 81117

Facebook, Thangam Talkies




Pretigaya Haran.

Pretigaya Haran is a Storyteller and a Trainer of Public Speaking, Communication, and Drama.  She conducts weekly Storytelling-theatre workshops for children at iSpark, Goplapuram, in association with the World Storytelling Institute.  She also conducts weekly Story sessions and Public Speaking classes for middle school children in a school in Chennai.

     Pretigaya has had the joy of sharing stories at numerous venues, including Schools (Baal Niketan, and Sherwood Hall); Libraries (Anna Centenary Library, and Just Books); Children’s Centres (Buzy Bee, iSpark, Nutshell Kids, and Saaransh); and a Spoken English Centre (Communiqua).

     Pretigaya also leads Storytelling workshops for adults who use Storytelling as a tool to teach school curriculum, behavioural aspects, and values and morals, to children.  She has conducted Teacher-training workshops in schools such as Terapanthi Jain Vidyalaya, KRM Public School, Kalgi Matriculation School, and Sherwood Hall Senior Secondary School.  She has also conducted Storytelling workshops for college students and adults in the Chennai Storytelling Festival.

     Pretigaya has trained children in Speech and Drama at Chennai branches of the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy for over 3 years. She is very keen on drama.  She has performed in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Gujarati, in plays in London.  For two consecutive years she has performed in the annual "Living Satues of Marina Beach Heritage Walk", an event in Madras Week.  Here is a collage of photos of her performing Kannagi (in English) on 23 August 2015.

     Pretigaya writes and direct skits for children.  She has been sharing Jain stories with young children at the Vepery branch of Jain Sanskaar Vatika, an All India School on Jain studies.  She also directs the annual day play for them.

     Pretigaya started Story Sack, Everything Stories in March 2017 to formally give her work a name.  She is also part of a project called Springboard Tales, wherein a team of storytellers share monthly, theme-based story videos, available for purchase at their website.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

80560 51247

Facebook, Story Sack, Everything Stories




Priti Sudarsan.

Priti is a Storyteller who uses theatre activities to help children improve their communication abilities.  She has received training in Storytelling from Geeta Ramanujam, and has received training in Storytelling and Theatre Games from Ms Poppy.  She has also participated in the "Kathai Kalatta (Under the Aalamaram) International Storytelling Festival" in Chennai (August 2014), where she learned a lot from the workshops and was a part of the organising team.

     Priti has told stories to children in Chennai at Hippocampus, Ashivita Bristo, Weebees Play School, Pumpkin Patch, Oyster Kids, and elsewhere.  She has led Storytelling Workshops for children at Arsha Vidya Mandir and Harishree Vidyalayam.  Priti's Workshops combine Storytelling and Theatre Games.  If the workshop is for a week, she prepares the children to enact a skit on the last day.

     Priti has launched a new storytelling service: Story Voyage -- a unique way to entertain children and adults through storytelling on the move, inside a bus!  The bus can carry as many as 24 people.  The sesions are interactive, with sing-alongs and games.  Participants have memorable experiences of visiting some lovely places in Chennai.  Places are recommend depending on the age group.  Among the places that have been visited are marine aquariums, lakes, and farms.  Story Voyages are arranged for private groups and schools, and typically occur on two Saturdays of every month.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

99627 14870

Facebook, Story Voyage




Priya Balasubramanian.

Priya B. is the Founder-Director of Kadhaikalam Vaanga,

a storyteller's platform.  To join the WhatsApp group of Kadhaikalam Vaanga, please send a text containing this request to 99620 08610.

     Also facilitated by Priya B:  

     1) "Solla Marandha Kadhai" -- a personal storytelling event for adults, for sharing our own experiences as stories in a group.  The stories can be shared in either English or Tamil.  This event is conducted on the last Saturday of each month.  The event poster will be shared in Kadhaikalam Vaanga's Facebook page and WhatsApp group.

     2) "Vellai Pookal" -- a storytelling workshop for children and teenagers.  The participants will be trained to create, narrate, and write new stories in English, with art based activities to enhance their creativity.  10 sessions (one session a week), on Saturdays or Sundays.

Contact info

99620 08610.

95000 85690.

A flier about Priya B's work is here.

Facebook, Kadhaikalam Vaanga




Priya Palanikumar.

Priya is a freelance trainer and Founder-Director of Open Story, a storytelling and theatre initiative.  She has performed in schools, libraries, social gatherings, at Podhigai TV series and for events at festivals.  She also works with schools as drama teacher for annual day events and handles end to end from scripting to staging of dance drama productions.  She is the Director at Nimayaa, a theatre unit of Bharataarpana Institute of Fine Arts.

     Her interest in Yoga and Bharatanatyam help in integrating a lot of sound, silence and movement in her storytelling style.  Her favourite genres are adapted folktales, mythology, biographies, and academics interwoven with creativity and spontaneity.  She underwent training at the World Storytelling Institute from Dr. Eric Miller.

     Priya is also an acupuncture and yoga practitioner who runs a centre called Yahvi yoga.  As visiting faculty at a dance school, she conducts story yoga sessions for young children (7-12 years).  She offers customized workshops on storytelling, basic theatre, healthy and mindful living, motivational public speaking, communication, and gender perspectives.

     She is a textbook optimist who believes the world is full of stories and all we need to do is listen.  When she is not telling stories she ends up thinking about all the characters in her line of work.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers

     Member, SpringBoard Tales

Contact info

90422 51513

Facebook, Openstoryworld

Instagram, Openstoryworld




Radha Balaraman.

Radha started her career as a software Engineer.  She has become a Storyteller and Educator.  She loves reading and telling stories to children.  She is inspired by the various storytelling sessions she attended in the USA.  Her love of books is immeasurable.  She loves to dance, sing, talk, and act -- and she includes all of these in her storytelling. 

     Training received:

1) Diploma in Montessori Education.

2) "Performance Storytelling Course" by Ms Laura Simms at Chennai Storytelling Festival 2020.

3) "Storytelling Workshop" by Dr Eric Miller, World Storytelling Institute.

4) "Storytelling as Pedagogy Workshop" by Ms ChitraKala Ramachandran.

     Radha currently works as a teacher in a school where she includes storytelling in her teaching.  On weekends, she conducts online storytelling sessions for children (5 to 8 years old).

     A photo is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.


89396 07925




Ramya Arivazhagan.

Ramya enjoys telling stories to children and believes in enjoying the little things in life.  Storytelling turned into her passion when she started exploring the world of stories, as she realised stories delighted her own children from very young ages.  She often includes puppetry and arts-and-crafts in her storytelling.  She would love to explore art-based storytelling in the coming days, as she enjoys art and considers drawing to be one her strengths.

     Ramya is an IT professional by career.  She has done her Foundation Course on storytelling from Kathalaya, Bangalore.  She has also done workshops and hands-on training with Mr. Mohan Krishnan and Mrs. Lavanya Srinivas.

     Her journey into professional storytelling started along with like-minded friends, and mentor Mr. Mohan Krishnan.  She and two other storytellers have co-founded Kadhai Kadhaiyaam.  She has performed storytelling sessions in summer camps, schools, activity centers and libraries.

     Kadhai Kadhaiyaam conducts regular storytelling sessions and workshops in and around Velachery in schools, activity centers and libraries.  Kadhai Kadhaiyaam experiments with different styles of storytelling, such as tandem storytelling and art-based storytelling.

Contact Info

98400 75308




Renu Meera.

Renu M works especially with parents of children who have special needs.  She listens to the parents' stories of their own experiences, and tells them stories about other parents' experiences.  She seeks to use storytelling to encourage, inspire, and educate these parents regarding ways these parents could assist their own children.

     She also trains such parents to use stories and storytelling to help their children improve their storytelling and general communication abilities.

     Renu M is a graduate of the World Storytelling Institute's 8-session Storytelling Workshop for adults.

     A photo of Renu M is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact Info

98846 61803




Renu Narayan.

Renu N is a graduate in English Literature.  She is a trained Montessori teacher.  After completing the Montessori course in 2004, Renu N made a paradigm shift in the way she parented her own children.  Her interaction with all children also underwent a dramatic change -- increasing her understanding of and respect for children, for who they are. She feels she has also learned a lot just by spending more time as a storyteller with children. 

     Renu N has always been  a voracious reader.  She reads even more now in the quest of finding new stories for children.  She has always loved stories and storytelling. Telling stories to her two daughters helped her to hone her storytelling skills.  She is a nature and animal lover, and incorporates these elements into her storytelling, so children could better understand the deep connection between humans, nature, and all living beings.

     Renu N has a storytelling initiative called KathaVriksh. She conducts regular storytelling sessions for children at various places in South Chennai. These sessions are highly interactive.  She helps them learn ways to draw and tell a story. She teaches them crafts by reusing and recycling paper and other materials that would otherwise be discarded.  This helps the children understand more about how important it is for us to take care of our environment.

     Renu N also conducts open-mic themed "personal-experience story" storytelling sessions for adults -- and other kinds of storytelling sessions for adults. These sessions occur at different venues in the city.

     She has started writing poems and stories for children, and is planning to publish this material.

     A photo of Renu N is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact Info

98410 13108

Facebook, KathaVriksh

Instagram, KathaVriksh




Sabapathy Narayanan (Saba)
Saba is a Storyteller and Trainer.  His specialty is purpose-driven storytelling in organizational settings.  For him, an anecdote is a story, an example is a story, and a conversation between two people is a story.  Saba is a firm believer in the importance of personal stories.  There are numerous types of personal stories, suiting all occasions and situations.  Saba digs up stories from real-life and makes them palatable for audiences in different age groups.  He can also coach others to find, shape, and tell such stories.
     Saba is also fond of animal stories, especially about squirrels, elephants, and rabbits.
     Saba maintains a storytelling blog at , where a number of people contribute stories.  He is currently doing research on untold stories in and around Karaikudi and Madurai, and he is planning to publish them as a book.
Contact Info
96000 02325

Dr Sandhya Ruban

Sandhya is the Creative Head of Eloquens.  Eloquens offers
1) Storytelling performances for children, with associated Art and Craft activities. 
2) Storytelling performances for adults, on customised topics. 
3) Customized Workshops for any category of people.  In workshops for children, the focus is on developing Speech, and Interpersonal Communication and Social Skills.
4) Public Speaking classes.
5) Soft Skills training (improving Interpersonal Skills, etc) for professionals, and for those seeking employment.
6) Translation Services, verbal and written (English to Tamil and Hindi, etc).

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.
Contact info
98401 77215
Facebook, Eloquens


Shanmugasundaram (Shan).

Shan directs Artworkshop & Communication, which provides training in Storytelling, utilizing Storytelling to teach and learn curriculum (lessons), creating Character Puppets, and presentations.  He specializes in training students in Mind Mapping, Learning Techniques, and Mind Games.  He has trained over 10,000 students in Chennai and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu. 

     Shan is --

1) A Trainer in Soft Skills and Life Skills (NLP) Programs for Schools and Colleges.

2) A Consultant and Workshop Leader for the Times Group (NIE).

3) A Resource Person and Content Developer for Oxford University Press.

4) A Resource Person for Tamil Nadu Govt. Libraries.

5) A Mentor/Trainer for BYST (CII), and EDII.

     His Mind Mapping and Corporate Storytelling trainings immensely help Startups and Entrepreneurs in their business development.  His scripts for Tamil Nadu Govt., Medical Colleges (including Dr. M.G.R. Medical University), and Hospitals have been made into documentaries.  Presently he is developing content and graphic designs for Odisha Government on GRI Sustainability Report.

     Photo 1.

     Photo 2.

     Photo 3.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

73388 88542

98845 02478

Facebook, Art Workshop -- Performance. -- Mind-mapping Techniques.

Shital Rayathatha

Shital is passionate to learn, and to help others to learn.  Her motto is 'Learning never ends.’  She holds multiple degrees, including a Masters degree in Psychology.

     Shital started her carreer as a Storyteller.  She has come a long way.  Her academic career and her versatile industry experience make her an excellent all-around choice for students and parents seeking education and career guidance and advice.

     Shital has 14 years of experience in teaching and training.  She is a certified Storyteller and Storytelling Trainer, and is also a certified Phonics Teacher/Trainer.  She has conducted Career Guidance and Behavior Improvement sessions through storytelling with pre-teens and teens.  She trains teachers and children regarding Storytelling, Phonics, and English Improvement.  In addition, she has the expertise to help children to enact stories through drama.  She has done all of the above in many schools and playschools in Chennai.

     Shital loves to work with special needs children and to give them support in various ways.

     Her start-up, Eduminds ("Our passion, their future"), is a counseling and coaching company for children aged 10 years and older.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.


98400 91290




Shyama Sridharan.

Shyama is a Storyteller, Mime Artist, Certified NLP Practitioner, and Corporate Trainer.  She is a freelance Storyteller and Trainer with 3 years of storytelling experience in public, and more than 30 years of experience in using stories in corporate environmements.  She has performed in various platforms and conducted storytelling workshops in schools and training institutes.  She has experience in telling stories in children's activity centres in Chennai, and has been part of the team implementing storytelling in teaching by the Tamil Nadu Government.  Shyama is also an NLP Practitioner and Life Skill coach using stories effectively to bring transformation in lives.

     Storytelling-related Services offered include:

1) Power-packed sessions/workshops on the art of storytelling, along with nuances of the art of miming and the way it can be used effectively in telling stories.

2) Fun-filled storytelling sessions for children using ventriloquism and hand puppets.

3) Storytelling sessions as part of Training the Trainers workshops.  Shyama is a member of the Panace Valley Organisation as a storyteller.

4) Shyama provides customised workshops for professionals, college students, teachers, and children.

5. Shyama also provides ustomised workshops on Health and Fitness using personal-experience stories for effective realisation of fitness in life. (Shyama is a full marathoner.)

     A photo of Shyama is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.


94441 72345




Sivakumar Davamani (SKD).

SKD is an Entrepreneur turned Storyteller.  He founded an initiative called Go Green Guru, which he uses to promote Go Green awareness with children and corporates.  He creates customised stories and training programs for people of all ages to promote the Go Green concept.

     SKD is a graduate of the seven-session Storytelling Workshop for adults conducted by Dr Eric Miller, Director, World Storytelling Institute.  Training from Dr Eric polished his skills and helped him to discover the storyteller within himself.

     SKD conducts Storytelling Workshops for Teachers, Human Resource Professionals, Parents, Grandparents and Young Adults.  He often includes Technologies and Innovations in Storytelling to increase the impact a story makes on audience members.   


99419 88555




Sreelekha Ramachandran.

Like everyone, my story, too, began when I drew my first breath in this world.  I believe that in every moment thereafter, we are part of some story being narrated.  Our thoughts, emotions and experiences translate into knowledge and understanding.  The entire creation in its totality seems like a beautiful picture with nature being arts and forms – and people, animals, and circumstances being the artists and actors.  In its summation, it’s a grand story of sorts broken down to smaller fables, folktales, mythology, fairy tales, epic, et al.

     Graduating in business management and then earning my diploma in pre-primary teachers’ training, provided me with creative and intellectual strength that enabled me to intuitively handle the curiosity of childrens’ imaginations in numerous schools.

     I first discovered the art of storytelling while teaching kindergarten.  It quickly dawned on me that storytelling delighted and enlightened adults and young alike.  It was like a form of therapy.  In order to deepen my understanding of storytelling and to develop a more critical approach to the performance practice, I obtained certification in storytelling from Kathalaya Trust.  This laid a strong foundation in the area of conveying ideas and stories combining visuals, tools, music, and illustrations to audiences of all ages.

     A story is never time wasted.  Listen, know, and share!

     I give storytelling performances (which often include discussions) and conduct storytelling workshops especially for children, and for seniors at old-age homes.

     A photo of me is here.


72999 25965




Sridevi Srinivasan.

Sridevi is a self-motivated and passionate Storyteller, focused on inculcating reading ability, and the love for reading, in young minds.

     Sridevi is an IT professional, metamorphosed into an Academician, Storyteller, and Trainer.  The training on “Raising a Child as a Reader” from Scholastic Publications (USA) was the moment of epiphany that changed the course of Sridevi's journey, re-directing her to use Storytelling to work with children.

     On returning to India, bubbling with energy, she travelled around Tamilnadu with a bag full of storybooks.  She transported children to the illusionary world of stories through storytelling and exposed them more deeply to the wonderful world of words.

     This journey persuaded her to use Storytelling as the lifeline of her Reading Program.  She worked in a CBSE school and developed a Reading program.  With her multi-potentiality, she headed School Events, Dramatics Club, and Library activities.  Her work on innovative, creative, and collaborative "Story Way" annual events was applauded.  The street plays, library activities, and her involvement in organising foreign exchange programs, Tedx events, Green School Programs, and other social initiatives were also much appreciated.

     Sridevi's joy lies in the facilitating and activating curiosity in her students, encouraging them to imagine, think, read books, and tell stories.

     A photo of Sridevi is here.


Training and Certification

* Diploma in Montessori and Primary School Teacher Training.

* "Foundation Course on Storytelling", by Ms. Geetha Ramanujam, Kathalaya, Bangalore.

* "Storytelling for Teaching" Workshop, by Dr. Eric Miller,

World Storytelling Institite, Chennai.

* "Storytelling as a Teaching and Educational Tool", by Ms. Marion Kenny.

* "Teaching Through Stories", by Storywallah, Hyderabad.

* “Raising a Child as Reader,” by Scholastic Publications (USA).

* M.Sc. in Computer Science.


Sridevi provides the following workshops

(all online and in-person) --


Workshops for Teachers

* Raising a child as a reader.

* Identifying and working on specific reading problems.

* Storytelling in teaching.

* Online Classroom management.

* In-person Classroom management.


Workshops for Parents

* Raising a child as a reader (0-8 years).

* Ways to inculcate reading and instil the love for reading in children (9-12 years).


Programs for Children

* League of Little Legends (3L).

(3L is a club that envisions to unfurl young minds inside out and create a community of students, educators and parents.)

* Storytelling sessions for students.

* Train students to perform storytelling.

* Reading program for children aged 4 to 7.

* Customised classes for children with reading difficulties, ages 7-12,



98408 02406





Srividya Veeraraghavan.

Srividya is a founder of Story Train, which aims to encourage storytelling in a variety of genres, for people of all ages.  Story Train uses storytelling for engaging, teaching, empowering, entertaining, and providing an enchanting experience of stories from across globe.  Srividya conducts customised storytelling performances and workshops for Educational Institutions, NGOs, Corporates, and other organisations (in English, Hindi, and Tamil).  She also provides sessions designed to comfort and inspire people in their times of need and distress.

     With more than 10 years of experience in HR leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility (Tamil Nadu TCS Adult Literacy Program), Training, Theatre Acting, Family and Child Welfare, and Writing, Srividya chose to follow her passion for storytelling in 2016.  Since then, she has been a member of the Indian Storytelling Network, and has contributed actively to the development of storytelling in Chennai.  She has performed for Chennai Storytelling Festival and World Storytelling Day, and does regular sessions for Government libraries in Ashok Nagar, Villivakkam, ACL, and elsewhere.  Her sessions at Bookworms Library in KK Nagar are much in demand.  Twice she has been featured on Podhigai's (Doordarshan's Tamil Channel's) series of programs on storytelling.  She has also performed for Hello FM (Layasa Layasa Golu Special program), and All India Radio (Storytelling for children).  She has been featured in Indian Express, including under the "God and Me" column in 2017.

     In the future, Srividya seeks to reach as many people as possible -- to share stories with them, and to facilitate them sharing stories with each other.  Srividya's aim is to go beyond geographical boundaries, addressing local, national, and global issues through stories and storytelling.  She would like her Story Train to be filled with passengers and their stories.  In these ways, she is hoping she might have a positive impact on people's lives and the world at large.

     An article about Srividya is here (on a leading storytelling website).

     A video recording of Srividya telling her original story, "A Story of Air", is here.  This is an example of using Storytelling to teach Science.

     An audio recording of Srividya telling the story, "Seeds of Success" (in English), is here.

     An audio recording of Srividya telling a motivational story for young people (in Hindi) is here.

     Photo 1.  Photo 2.  Photo 3.

Member, Chennai Storytellers.


97911 19634

Facebook, Story Train




Sudha Umashanker.

Sudha is a Senior Freelance Journalist with bylines in leading newspapers of the country such as The Hindu, The Times of India, The Indian Express, The New Indian Express, The Asian Age, and The Economic Times.

     She forayed into Storytelling about nine years ago (2011).  She enjoys telling stories to children and adults and has used Storytelling to create awareness about social issues like Gender violence, Infertility, Environment protection, Personal safety, etc.

     She leads Heritage walks (sharing stories about little known people and places) and conducts Storytelling workshops upon request.

     Sudha founded Storycorner at Bookmine, an organisation that promotes excellence in Storytelling, in 2015.

     She recently launched a "Read aloud series" and a "Festival Storytelling series" on her YouTube channel.

     Sudha received the Laadli Media award for Gender Sensitivity in 2017.  She has also received the Probus Vocational Excellence Award.  Her book on APJ Abdul Kalam was published in 2018 by DK India.  She served as a Language Consultant for 1000 Useful words Tamil- English (to learn and build vocabulary skills in two languages), also published by DK India.


98402 47624

Storycorner-at-Bookmine Facebook

Sudha Umashanker Facebook

Sudha Umashanker Twitter

Sudha Umashanker Linked In




Suriya Lakshmi.

Suriya is very passionate about the environment, and conducts storytelling sessions and workshops for children on protecting the environment.  She is currently working on a workshop model to recreate traditional storytelling methods with Storytrails.  Over the weekends, she conducts free book-reading sessions (in both Tamil and English) for young children, which helps them to sharpen their listening skills and imaginations.  By profession, Suriya is a business analyst in the banking domain.

Contact info

98847 28412

Facebook, Suriya Lakshmi




Uma Jairam.

Uma is a passionate storyteller. She believes stories are an excellent way to connect with people quickly.  Her storytelling sessions include stories from Indian epics, folklore, and history.

     A strong environmentalist and a Go-Green practitioner, Uma encourages children through stories to grow up the Go-Green way.

     Uma is an IT professional. She has done her foundation course on storytelling from Kathalaya, in Bangalore.

Contact info



Vasugi Ram Manohar.

Vasugi is the founder-director of Madras Story Works.  She has a post-graduate degree in Literature, and has trained in Storytelling with Eric Miller (World Storytelling Institute) and with Geetha Ramanujam (Kathalaya).

     Vasugi specializes in interactive Storytelling sessions for children.  She believes that Storytelling can bring about wonderful changes in children, making them creative, wise thinkers, great speakers and problem solvers.  Storytelling is an excellent method to overcome shyness, excel in public speaking and develop communication skills.

Madras Story Works offers,

1) Storytelling sessions with arts-and-craft activities.

2) Storytelling activities at summer camps.

3) Storytelling workshops for people of all ages.

4) Storytelling competitions in schools, bookstores and children's activity centers; for children, parents, teachers and early childhood development personnel.

5) Storytelling sessions on Saturdays for children (3-9 years).  Online.  Please inquire for details.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

98401 18590

Facebook, Madras Story Works




K.R. Vidhyaa.

Vidhyaa was a senior executive in a Public Sector General Insurance Company.  In 2021 she took voluntary retirement to follow her passion for storytelling.

     Vidhyaa has been writing a blog from 2013 -- now converted to a website, -- wherein she shares stories from Indian culture and heritage.  Over a hundred and thirty stories have been shared in this site till now.  

     Vidhyaa has participated as a storyteller in Kathalaya's Kathasangama.  From August 2020 she has been narrating weekly audio stories in English and Tamil for an NGO for their channel in Telegram App.  Earlier trained by World Storytelling Institute in 2009, presently she is pursuing a diploma from the International Academy of Storytelling.

     Vidhyaa tells stories for children and adults.  The stories she works with are mostly from Indian heritage and culture.

     A photo is here.

Contact info:

99405 57749




Vithya Dhanaraj.

Vithya narrates STEM stories (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Green Earth Stories in very child-friendly ways, along with related art and craft activities, sing-along, music, and drama.  She conducts age-appropriate science experiments along with the storytelling, to make the whole a memorable experience.

     New methods are introduced every week by using different modes like puppets and handmade models, mostly made using materials from everyday life.  The activities are designed to impart life-skill lessons and environmental awareness in fun ways.

     These methods allow Vithya to become a part of the learning processes the children go through.  The children take home experiences they will always cherish, while being enriched in terms of holistic learning and development through fun and play (without gadgets).

     Vithya  was trained in storytelling by Mark Leach of the UK.  She has 5 years of experience in IT, and is also an MBA graduate.  Working with kids was something that always attracted her and henceforth she earned a Diploma in Early Child Care and then stepped into storytelling.

     Vithya is the founder of S4Stories, a platform for children to experiment and learn.  She has performed in many places in and around Chennai, including at schools, and has been featured in Illakiya Darbar of Podigai TV.  Vithya is also an active member of Spring Board tales.

     Vithya is fluent in Tamil and English.  A photo of Vithya is here.

     Member, Chennai Storytellers.

Contact info

94873 38809

Facebook, Vithya Dhanaraj

Facebook, S4Stories




Zarin M.

Zarin represents the women of Chennai who are aspiring to be self-sufficient and who are taking challenges one at a time.

     Zarin has over eight years of experience in the IT industry, specialising in Analytics.  She has worked with multi-national corporations such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, and Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS).  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Analytics, and is looking to venture into Educational Analytics in the future.

     Zarin began storytelling as an amateur for children at home.  She took a step further to enroll in a Storytelling Workshop at the Word Storytelling Institute, directed by Dr. Eric Miller.  She is certified as a "Professional Storyteller" by the World Storytelling Institute.

     Zarin has told stories in,

* Chennai Storytelling Festival 2020 and 2021 (video recording).

* Madurai Children's Literary Festival 2021.

* Towson University (Maryland, USA) Story Fest 2020.

* A Feast Story Swap session in 2020.

     In addition to being a professional Storyteller, Zarin is also a trained Artist.

     Zarin has now set up a centre named Story Fills on OMR-Karapakkam, Chennai.  Story Fills provides workshops and other activities for children, teenagers, and adults relating to,

1) Developing English language skills.

2) Storytelling.

3) Puppet-making, Drawing (still life, landscape, portrait, illustration, etc), Painting, and Crafts.

4) Animation.

     A photo is here.

Contact info

99628 28065





Ongoing Storytelling Activities in Chennai


Weekly --


ReaderzForge offers Kathas by Uncle Kay

Storytelling performances for kids on Saturdays, 5-6 pm.

At Narthanam School of Performing Arts, Madipakkam, Chennai, and online via Zoom.



Monthly --


The Narrative (directed by Indu Divya) hosts monthly open-mic sessions of "Storytelling about Personal Experiences, by and for adults".  For details, please call 98407 12328.

     Storytelling is at the core of all services offered by The Narrative, including training, coaching, and content development. 


World Storytelling Institute (directed by Eric Miller) hosts monthly open-mic sessions of "Storytelling by and for Adults".  These sessions occur via Zoom.  Links to recordings of storytellings in session from July 2020 to Sept 2021 are here.





By Organisation:





Madras Story Works (directed by Vasugi Ram Manohar) presents


A) Storytelling Performances with Activities for Children, Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm, in Chetput.


B) Storytelling Coaching for Children, Saturdays 4-5pm, in Mylapore.


C) Storytelling Coaching for Children, Thursdays 4-5pm, in Aminjikarai.


For details, please click here, and call 98401 18590.





The Narrative (directed by Indu Divya) hosts monthly open-mic sessions of "Storytelling about Personal Experiences, by and for adults".  For details, please call 98407 12328.

     Storytelling is at the core of all services offered by The Narrative, including training, coaching, and content development. 





Tale Spin (directed by Asha Sampath) presents Storytelling performances (and activities) for children.  Every 2nd Saturday of the month, at 5pm.  At Odyssey, Adyar. 


For additional info, please click here and call Asha at 98408 33953.






Eloquens (directed by Sandhya Ruban) frequently presents Storytelling Performances and Classes for -- and Dramatic Productions by -- Children.  Based in Ayanavaram.


For details, please click here and call 98401 77215.





Once Upon a Time (directed by Kavitha Thyagarajan and Debjani Bhaduri) frequently presents Storytellling Performances and Classes for Children, in R.A. Puram.


For details, please click here and call 99400 36390.





Fables N Tales (directed by Banumathy) offers Storytelling performances, with activities, for children.


A) Saturdays, 10:30am to 12 Noon, at Fables n Tales, No.1, Nithyanandam Street, VGN Mahalakshmi Nagar, Perumalagaram, Tiruverkadu, Chennai, 600 077.  Admission is Rs 100. 


B) Saturdays, 4pm to 5:30pm, at Virutcham Kidz Castle, 5069, Z Block, 12th Street (near Chinmaya School), Anna Nagar, Chennai.


C) Sundays, 10am to 11am, at Sastha Tution Centre, #270, Selvavinayagar Koil St, Co-operative Nagar, Tiruverkadu, Chennai, 600 077.  Admission is Rs 150.


For additional info, please contact Fables N Tales: Stories for the Soul, at 80560 50606.





Katha Kamamishu (directed by Lavanya Srinivas) offers Storytelling Workshops and Performances at numerous locations, including the Gandhinagar Club, in Adyar.


Katha Kamamishu especially conducts Storytelling Workshops for pre-primary and primary school teachers.  The "Story Mantra" series of Workshops occur in three levels: introductory, basic and advanced. The Workshops are customised and conducted with a restricted batch size to ensure effective communication and training, with a special focus on the specific needs and challenges of each individual teacher.


For additional info, please click here, and contact Lavanya Srinivas, at 98844 72301, .





Kalaa Manjari and Alvin "Storyteller for All" are offering Saturday Storytelling Sessions for Children.  These programs aim at developing Oratory skills, Life skills, and Reading skills.  The Poster is here. 


There are two batches on each Saturday afternoon:

Batch 1,  for Children 3 to 6 years old, occurs 3-4pm.

Batch 2,  for Children 7 to 13 years old, occurs 4-6pm.


Venue: Kalaa Manjari, 6/12, First Street, Venus Colony,

Alwarpet, Chennai - 18 (near Tangerine Restaurant)


For additional info, please call 044 2431 2676 ,

e-mail to , and see .





Pumpkin Chariot is a Storytelling unit founded by Sai Pradeep Indhirran.  Sai is the Storyteller.  Pumpkin Chariot helps children learn a variety of aspects of communication involving values and morals and ranging from conversational speech to stage speech, and from team skills to leadership skills.  The method is to blend storytelling with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and TA (Transaction Analysis) techniques.


Pumpkin Chariot has its first branch @

Sa Buu 3 Kids Play School, Navaneethammal Street (adjacent to Shoba Kalyana Mandapam in Arunachalam Road), Saligramam. 

Day and Time: : Sundays 11:30am


Pumpkin Chariot has its second branch @
Yoyos Activity Center, K K Nagar.

Day and Time:  Sundays 10am .


Sai Pradeep, 98412 92063, Founder - Pumpkin Chariot


For additional info, please call 98412 92063,

e-mail to , and see .






Geetha Kailasam conducts a Storytelling Workshop for children at Grandma and Grandpas, Besant Nagar, on Wednesdays, 5pm to 6pm. 


This includes Storytelling with Puppets, Mask-Making, and Arts and Crafts. 


For info, please call 99529 57031.






Genius Factory, directed by Sheetal Rayathatha, provides arts-and-education activities for children, including Phonics, Maths, Arts and Crafts, Dance and Dance Composition (Choreography), Storytelling, and Event Management (specialising in Birthday Parties).


For details, please click here and here, and call 98400 91290.






Kathalaya (directed by Geeta Ramanujam), based in Bangalore, is developing a "Story Space" in Chennai.  For info, please contact: 080 2668 9856, .


In Chennai, Geeta Ramanujam is collaborating with Success Manthra regarding training educators in "Using Storytelling to Teach English Language".  Info about this training is here.






Kadhai Kadhaiyaam (KK) is a Storytelling group based in south Chennai.  KK believes in inspiring adults and children through stories.  KK conducts monthly sessions in a Montessori school in Velachery, and also in other activity centers, libraries, and schools by request.  KK was co-founded and is directed by three Storytellers: Subha Hariharamahadevan,  Ramya Arivazhagan, and Subha Ramanathan.  Mohan Krishnan is mentor of KK.  For additional info, please call 90032 53726, and email to .






ReaderzForge offers Kathas by Uncle Kay

Storytelling performances for kids on Saturdays, 5-6 pm.

At Narthanam School of Performing Arts, Madipakkam, Chennai, and online via Zoom.





The Chennai Storytelling Association (CSA) has approx 320 members.  Most CSA members have conducted and/or attended multi-session WSI Storytelling Workshops.  The CSA hold monthly meetings at 6pm on the 1st Monday of each month at Cafe Coffee Day Square (on Khader Nawaz Khan Road), before the storytelling by and for adults sessions there.  Info about these sessions is here.  For additional info about the CSA, please click here and call 98403 94282.






World Storytelling Institute (directed by Eric Miller) offers 7-session Storytelling Workshops for adults, on Sundays, 10am-12noon, near Nungambakkam High Road.  Info is here.


WSI also presents a monthly "Storytelling by-and-for Adults" open-mic event.  This occurs on the 1st Monday of each month at 6pm, at Cafe Coffee Day Square, on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam.  Additional info about these events (including links to articles about them) is here.